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  • Customized class content adapted to student’s requests
  • Variety of languages and modules
  • Exclusive and international teachers assigned to each student for the entire course
  • Exclusive and dynamic classes for all levels

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FlexandLang offers academic support for university students coming from international backgrounds and matches students to teachers to ensure the student’s academic success.

Tell us about your Business goals, achievements and objectives. After submerging within your everyday context, we can design a set of activities and lessons for you to learn exactly what you need to be the most proficient bilingual professional. 

FlexandLang uses the most accurate and professional techniques to help our students perform well on certificates, including:

  • English Exams: Cambridge Exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE), TOEFL Exam, TOEIC Exam, IELTS Exam
  • Spanish Certificates Instituto Cervantes: DELE, CEFR, SIELE
  • Arabic: Instituto Árabe de A1 a C2
  • Chinese: Instituto Confucio (HSK, HSKK, YCT, BCT)
  • French certificates Institut Francais: TCF, DALF, DELF, support for French school students.
  • Portuguese: Instituto Camões PLE (Português Língua Estrangeira)

FlexandLang adapts the classes to the type of exam that students plan to take (this will be discussed during the interview)  

FlexandLang offers elementary to advanced conversation classes to give everyone the chance to become as fluent as possible. These classes are offered so students can speak about day-to-day topics with native speakers that are foreign language professionals. We want our students to feel comfortable with their new languages while actively applying their knowledge in a natural way.

Whether you need personal training to sharpen your language skills or need a particular set of semantic abilities for a group of people within your company, we can customize specific situations for your next convetion, pitch or meeting.

Brushing up pronunciation and fluidity is a must for public speakers and presenters. If you or your team need a bit of practice, we can custom training for you to feel secure and confident while speaking a foreign language.

TED talks have been undoubtedly  one of the major divulgation breakthroughs in the century. This method involves the teacher and students watching a short TED talk regarding your business or industry and discuss the topic, having debates and honing speaking skills via argumentation. 

Are you a spokesperson for your company? Media training provides all the tools you need to make neat, valuable and clear statements before a group  of journalists or during a one-on-one interview. Pronunciation, controlled communication and body language are sharpened by this method.

Language is just the expression of culture. Having a set of do’s and don´ts before interacting within a different culture is a vital part for clear communication and mutual respect. We provide some of the key elements for what works and what does not work inside a specific cultural context.


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