Rita Charai

Rita Charai


My name is Rita Charai and I am the founder of FlexandLang. Just like most students or professionals that will join FlexandLang, I have myself studied and lived abroad during the past 10 years. Originally from Morocco, I came to Madrid in 2008 and got a Bachelor in  International Business from Saint Louis University in Madrid followed by a master in Accouting and Audit from the spanish university ICADE.

I have worked for 2 years as an auditor in thFinalcial Services Industry in Deloitte and worked for almost 4 years in BNPPARBIAS as a Financial analyst in CIB.

Although my professional carrer was oriented towards finance, my passion has always been dedicated to languages. I am a true believer that languages are a barrier that needs to be outstanded in order for all coutries to share their culture, their customs and more and more.

Flexandlang is a method that offers to everyone the possibility to learn a variety of languages with a very flexible schedule and content!

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